About the Farm View Publisher

Roslyn WatkinsRoslyn Watkins became publisher/owner of the Farm View newspaper in April of 2020. She is proud to continue the excellent reputation of the Farm View newspaper that her father, John Beischer, built since 1977.

Roslyn is a family oriented, community minded person. She and her husband and three children are active volunteers in their community of Springwater Township. Roslyn and husband Shawn enjoy coaching soccer and baseball together. They are active members of the Anten Mills Community Recreation Association and have enjoyed helping to organize many community events in Anten Mills. Shawn is a volunteer firefighter with Springwater Township as well as working full time at Georgian College. Roslyn has been a member of the Minesing Public School parent council since 2014 and also volunteers her time reading and helping out in various classrooms and organizing fundraising events.

In Roslyn’s free time she enjoys snowboarding with her family in the colder months and camping, beach days and gardening in the warmer months. Roslyn’s passion all year round is cooking and spending time with family and friends.